First InDesign Class!

Untitled-1pdf Untitled-2pdf – PDF Files

I was so intrigued to learn a new computer software apart from Photoshop, specially since it involves a lot of magazine editing! One of my favorite all-time reads are Magazines.

So, this is how we started off:

1. We created a new blank document, an A4 one with : 1 page and 2 columns.

2. Now the rectangle frame tool came into operation! We used this tool to create boxes where we could type out our text and place images.

3. Now come’s the catchy title! We used the type tool on the tools palette to create text into the frame we drew out and to make it look prettier, we changed thecolour(“swatches”) and size of the text.

4. Selection tool – This is the black arrow at the top of the tools palette which is used to select the frames and resize them just incase you want to.

5. On saving some images found from Google and Tumblr, I wanted to place them on my magazine page. Since you can’t “open” an image on InDesign, we used the “place” option which correctly placed our photos, we could either choose to fit or fill the frame proportionally.


Weekly reflection : A fun class in which I’ve got lots to explore! Obviously, because I started learning something different! A new Adobe Software other than photoshop 🙂 I was pleased to know that it would help me produce magazine layouts in the future as it is very appropriate to my course next year, being Fashion Communication 🙂

Have a good weekend 😀


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